Catering is a business that is fast growing owing to more and more people relying on professionals to make their parties or get together a success. However, there are enough websites on the internet and do it yourself kits that can help you plan the ideal party in case you want to take matter into your own hands. Catering for an outdoor event remains a challenge which has its own unique complexities. Whether it is a small picnic, an office get together or a class reunion, there are certain aspects that you will need to keep in mind when deciding on the right equipment for catering outdoors in the open. Some of the tips in this article may be of help when planning an outdoor party:

  1. CUTLERY / CROCKERY: When planning a party outdoors you need to arrange for items like disposable plates, glasses and other such plastic items like spoons and forks to eat with instead of using the cutlery or crockery available at home. This not only gets you past the hassle of dealing with breakages but also resolves the issue of doing the dishes after the party is over.
  2. FURNITURE: An outdoor event needs to be planned with considerations of the weather and the terrain as well. Your usual home furniture hauled in the back of the pickup may not be the ideal choice for planning such a get together. You need to arrange floor mats in case you are planning a picnic or even some foldable tables and chairs in case of planning a barbeque in a remote location.
  3. INSECT REPELLENTS: Being outdoors has its own charm but it comes with a few worry points as well. When outdoors you need to be sure that you don’t let nature ruin your party. You need to consult a professional for the best possible options of using insect repellents that are effective in keeping the reptiles at bay and at the same time are not harmful for children or even the food that you are preparing.
  4. ENTERTAINMENT: A party without some sort of entertainment would rather be another boring board meeting in the conference room. However, this task is easier said than done. In case you are planning some entertainment outdoors then you need to make sure that you plan in advance for a portable source of power like a small generator and a good sound system with outdoor element proof speakers. It may also be a good idea to take along some musical instruments in case you happen to have the artistic touch in terms of music.
  5. FOOD AND WATER: Last but not the least is the requirement of food and water. Travelling to a picnic location, you can be rest assured that you won’t be able to find any supermarkets in the nearby areas. You need to stack up on potable drinking water and not rely on any nearby natural water source like lakes and rivers. As far as the food is concerned, you can either take packed food packets or you can decide to cook at the venue. In case of the latter you need to also arrange for cooking fuel and take all necessary precautions in terms of fire hazards.

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